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Video Production

Our clients receive high definition original video assets, covering short 30-60 second product videos to full commercially produced content. Scripts and product information can be provided by the client or drafted by the Leviathan team-depending on the scope of information needed in the video.
Each video will feature digital graphics and a professional voice over as needed. These videos are designed to be short, concise clips that are engaging and informative, detailing a specific product or service to grab and hold the audience's attention. 



Utilizing all Leviathan assets, we can deliver monthly photo content for use on social pages, marketing print materials, and digital promotions.
By using our network of Leviathan photographers, we can produce stylish and powerful content from a multitude of distinct perspectives and visually appealing looks, including any seasonal or promotional requirements you may have. Photo content packages can be tailored to suit any communications from postcards, digital marketing, trade show booths, billboards, and much more. 


Dynamic Content Creation

This service combines a mixture of photography, video production, and digital designs that can deliver web content, logos, product catalogs, custom packaging, and much more. Each package is a monthly creative retainer that is customizable to personally fit your needs. This allows you to have custom creative assets produced monthly and will enable projects to develop with your brand guidelines. 

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